Saginaw names

Arthur Hill - “lumber baron” who graduated with a law degree from the UofM.


Ezra Rust - another lumber baron

Hermansau - I spent my early years in a house on this road.  I have scoured Google to find the origin of the name and here is all I’ve got:  S. Lewis Johnson Covenant Theology in the 16th century.

"Now, the next man that we want to discuss before we have a time for a few questions is Johannes Cocceius. It’s probably correct to say that a German by the name of Kloppenburg was the originator of the federal or covenantal system. He taught at Franeker and he died there in fifteen sixty-two. But the person who had the genius and boldness to give definiteness and completeness to the system of covenant theology was John Coch. Now, Cocceius is his Latin term. That’s why so many theologians’ names, incidentally, end in “u-s”. That was their Latin name. Arminius. His name was really Hermansau, but Arminius was his Latin name. And so Cocceius was the Latin name of John Coch or Coch, and he was born in Bremen in Germany. Cocceius had as his teachers, men like Martinius in Hebrew, Ludwig Kraulkiss and William Ames in theology. He was a Professor of Theology at Bremen, in Germany, at Franeker, and then he was a professor at Leiden in the Netherlands where he died.

Frankenmuth - courage of the Franks (a part of Bavaria, Germany)  Frankentrost - comfort of the Franks -

Chesaning - an indian word meaning “Big rock” it was originally called Northampton.

Zilwaukee - Wikipedia says that the Johnson brothers, who organized the town wanted the name to be confused with Milwaukee to lure settlers.

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