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My goal with these pages is twofold, one is to aggregate all of the disjointed web sites that have original information on Saginaw history and genealogy so that you can easily get to them.  I will do the surfing for you and evaluate the sites.

More importantly, I want to digitize and provide personal histories that others have done so that they are not lost.  I plan to identify the areas that still need work.  If you have info, or want to help. let me know. Some of my pages are pretty rudimentary. You can contact me at [email protected]

I am currently working on transcribing the East Saginaw Courier from 1859, and filling out the Bavarian Inn family histories of Frankenmuth on

          Research Hints

          County Map


          Census data (Links to FamilySearch pages)

          Books about Saginaw County locations

          Goodridge (the first Black family in Saginaw)


          Historical Societies

          Saginaw names

          Centennial farms (On the to do list)

          East Saginaw Courier (An ongoing project) - Just added: Vol. 1 issue 2 - 4 Aug. 1859

                                                               Hoyt Public Library

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